Monday, November 22, 2004


There hasn't been much going on in the Cubicle Jungle lately. I'm riding out my last few days as the Worst Employee Ever at this job; waiting to start fresh.

I'm doing a bit of clean-up on the site; changing/adding links, etc.

I've added a link to Sour Bob. I spent a good chunk of last night reading through his stuff, and it's very, very good. On more than one occasion, I nearly snarfed beverage out of my nose because of something he wrote. Especially this one.

I was hesitant to put a link to him after reading this post, however, because I complain about my job. A lot. Even though it's the kind of job I really shouldn't complain about. I am risking Sour Bob's wrath, however, because his stuff is so good that I want other people to enjoy it like I did.

Hopefully he won't come and kick my ass.

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