Monday, October 25, 2004

And I STILL Don't have enough CEUs!!

I went to the TSA convention in Houston this weekend. These types of events inspire both hope and depression within me. The hope comes from attending the seminars; and seeing, once again, the aspects that attracted me to architecture in the first place. However, that inspirational feeling never sustains me for very long, and the depression takes hold. The depression comes from realizing I will have to wait an unknown amount of time (or never) before I can do similar work, and that I have to go back to the hole on Monday. Seeing the other side of the profession; and being around people who enjoy what they’re doing; makes me want to quit even more. Even though I am actively pursuing other jobs and options, these things are never instantaneous.

In my head are several “exit fantasies,” formulated both from talking with my friends, and from my own devising. My fear is, that since this is such an incestuous industry, the tale of my huffy walk-out would spread, thus tainting my future with anyone who knew my former employer.
I would love to go out in a blaze of glory; yelling an emphatic “fuck you!” and walking out the door with a finger in the air. (That one I credit to Liz)
Or, I could just pack up my crap and leave a diplomatic “screw-you” note on BossMan’s chair. (That would be Lori)
Perhaps I could make my exit after narrowly escaping arrest for attempted assault. I can see myself scrambling out of my chair and leaping over the conference table; sneering and snarling as I reach for BossManJ’s throat. Ah, the savage beauty of the wild.

While I was in Houston, I stayed with Lori and Jeromy- always fun. On Friday night, one of Jeromy’s friends and Wife came over for dinner. Friend and Wife have a kid, as do Lori and Jeromy. The difference is, Lori doesn’t talk about her kid all the frelling time. No matter how the conversation may have started, Wife managed to turn the conversation back to the nourishing of her child from her mammary glands. Blech.

We watched Team America Saturday night (fuck, yeah!). I'm going to watch it with ManThing tonight, because I can't keep the catchphrases to myself anymore....

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