Monday, October 18, 2004

Small Snippet

I was having some trouble with an e-mail I was trying to send out today, and managed to send out one incomplete version and then several versions explaining the mistake.

While I already felt like I needed to commute on the short bus, BossManJ comes up and asks about what was going on with all those e-mails he kept getting from me. I explained I was having trouble with the e-mail, and there is no “recall” function on our stupid server, so several copies got sent out.

He walks off mumbling something about “we don’t need to send out a bunch of worthless e-mails.”

Noooo…really, asshole? My silly, dumb, girl-brain wouldn’t have figured that out if you hadn’t told me. Grrrr.

Also, to improve the quality of my workstation that much more, someone threw a poopy diaper into the trash can at my desk sometime over the weekend.

I don't even want to know where the actual changing took place.

And the really sad thing is, I sit less than 10 feet from the bathroom....

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