Friday, October 29, 2004


Cheese has been the final frontier in terms of finding a gluten-free/ casein-free substitute for everything I've had to give up eating. I've gone through countless searches, in stores and on the net, to find an acceptable CF cheese substitute: a vegan cheese that does not taste like chalk, an eraser, have the consistency of rubber and refuses to melt, or have a funk to it in general. I even tried to make my own cheese, using nutritional yeast flakes- the result of which could patch the holes in my driveway.

I've eaten several subtances that the FDA should have never allowed to be labeled "cheese." Yes, SoyMage, I'm talking to you.

I have finally, thank the gods, found the Holy Grail: a good vegan cheese.

I never thought I would be so happy as a result of a tofu-based substance.
I would make a joyful noise, but my mouth is still full of the stuff.

In the end, after visiting or calling every alterna-food store in town, and even calling the distributor to see if they sold it anywhere in Dallas, I broke down and ordered it online. One would think, living in a big city and all, that this would have been easier. Alas, Texans like their cow products, and Dallas isn't quite on the vegan bandwagon. Of course, neither am I. I like my steak just as much as the next person.

While searching, I tired very quickly of the vegan propaganda that was part and parcel of searching for cheese not made with animals' milk, and not containing casein. I just wanted to eat something that wouldn't make me ill, not be preached at.

Anyway. Back for another mouthful!!

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