Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I have joked many times recently about quitting my job and working at Starbucks. After this morning, I don’t think I have the skillset necessary for it.

I was going to be nice and make cappuccino for ManThing and myself, so I grind the beans and fill the filter…way too full. After priming the pump, I try to put the filter in the machine, but it won’t go in. My utterances of profanity wake ManThing, and he comes in to help me, because I am deficient. He gets the filter in, and goes back to bed. I flip the switch, and coffee starts spurting out all sides of the filter, because...too full. Again, ManThing is awakened by the lovely sounds of blue language, and stumbles back into the kitchen. At this point, he’s basically making the coffee for himself. Oops.

I manage to froth the milk, and pour it into the cups without incident.

When I go to take the filter out of the machine, espresso grinds explode everywhere.


ManThing doesn’t bother to come in the kitchen this time.

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