Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I will now mangle two languages at once; by saying that I have found my company’s raison d’etre…to achieve… schadenfreude!

When I came in this morning, the new desk layout for our office expansion had been placed on my chair. I will be sitting right outside BossManF’s cube. While I could look on the bright side, and think this might be because he’s going to turn me into his right hand- uh- man, my not-so-inner pessimist says I’m now going to be watched all the time.

The desk shackles are scheduled for installation next week, sometime after the carpet arrives.

In keeping with the isolationist environment I’ve experienced since my first day here, I’ve also been moved nearly to the farthest point of the office, effectively cut off from everybody (the whole three people) I have made friends with to this point.

This is some sort of Candid Camera thing, right? Leave me a crappy surprise each morning this week? I can’t wait to see what I get tomorrow.

GFF needs to call me already!

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