Monday, October 04, 2004

A Poll....Because I'm Lazy

This morning is absolutely dreary. It is rainy and dark, and I’d much rather have stayed in my warm, soft bed with my warm, snuggly husband. My cold, while better, is not completely gone. Combine these facts with the obvious truth that I hate my job, and ask how much did I not want to get out of bed this morning?? Laziness is riding me like a blanket, and I can’t promise anything witty for today’s entry.

So I pose, to any readers out there, this Monday morning question:

What made you get into architecture, and do you still like doing it?


Kent said...

Your telling me... I had a hangover and still had to come in this morning. I think my initial interest in architecture started with a big interest in drafting classes in middle school. When I graduated highschool it shifted mostly to the idea that I fealt like I could really make the world a better place by creating beautiful buildings that people loved. Also from working as an intern I found that there are so many varied activities to do on a daily basis your not always doing the same monotonous thing. 3 years into college I changed my mind. The schooling was insane. I was working 100 times as hard as my business major friends who were going to breeze through school and graduate to make more money than I would. I switched my major to a 4 year BS in architecture. I got the same job out of school I would have with the BA. I recently switched firms trying to figure out if I want to stay in the biz. So far... its just another firm with different problems. The entire biz seems to be wracked with many problems. But your not alone... I can relate to many of the things you talk about on your blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I honestly dont remember why I liked architecture, and no i don't like doing it anymore.

I think I was drugged when my guidance councelor asked me what I wanted to go to school for I think she must have drugged me and said "ARCHITECTURE! ARCHITECTURE! its such a good field" "why yes, architecture. it sounds so...happy!"