Thursday, October 14, 2004

I want to keeeeeelll yoooooouuuuu!!!!

When I told people at my last job that I was coming to work here, one of the guys told me “Oh, you’ll be working with BossManJ. He’s a great guy! You’ll learn a lot from him!”

Yes, I certainly could learn a lot from him, if I wanted to become a condescending, chauvinistic, hypocritical old bastard.

Several times, he has started a meeting by saying he “has no healthcare planning experience, nor wants any,” and is going to defer judgment on such matters to me. He will then contradict me, in front of the client, on matters dealing with the healthcare planning of the project. This accomplishes two things: it undermines my credibility, and he ends up making planning promises I can’t keep.

Yesterday, we were in a meeting (with a client he has already trashed me in front of), and an ambulance pulls up in front of the building. I briefly look out the window at it, then bring myself back to the meeting. I say something to C about needing to find out whether the facility plans to use bariatric patient beds, because they will not fit into the patient rooms. BossManJ tells me- in his favorite way, in front of a room full of people- that I “need to focus on this meeting.” The fuck?!?

Not five minutes later, a guy and his siliconed girlfriend walk past, and he looks out the window and says, “Good-ness!” Yes. Focus on the meeting. Bite me.

And today.

Developer Chick [she used to work here, then decided to go play for the Dark Side] gets herself into a twist, thinking I had gone ahead on a plan change without notifying her. [She got the e-mail just like everyone else.] She calls BossManJ, with whom she is BFF, and I get called into his office for the Ass-Chewin’.

“DC is really upset about this. Everything has to go through DC; everything needs her approval. You need to call her and ‘make nice.’ She needs attention, you know, she’s a woman.”

This is exactly the sort of thing that has been making me listen to Kittie again lately. Lots of it.

Side note: This seems to be a common affliction of architecture males when they are around me. Somehow they “forget” that I, too, am female, and they say crap like this all the time! Wake up and smell the absence of Y chromosome!!

DC is also pregnant right now. I wonder how long it’s going to take before BossManJ starts asking when I’m going to pop one out. That seems like the kind of question he would ask.

I need to get that punching bag hung. Soon.

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