Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Junkie Blues

“Hi, my name is CAD Monkey, and I’m a Stress Addict.”

I know how bad stress is for you, yet I consistently seek it out and practically swim in it on a regular basis.

Right now, for example, I am looking for a new job. This means I am sending out resumes, anxiously waiting for e-mails, and looking for new job postings.

I am also talking to my last firm about staging a comeback. This process includes kissing the ass of the senior designer (who is a scary man to talk to when you’re not pseudo-begging for a favor), reassuring my former boss that I really am worth the pay I’m asking, and conferring with former colleagues to see how best to approach the former two items. Due to going through this process, and the bullshit it requires, I worry that I could be making a big mistake (again) by going back.

My Dream Firm actually called on me for an interview, so now I have the added fun of pulling a worthy portfolio out of my ass between now and the interview; because my current one is crap on a platter.

I am also in the process of changing my last name to Mrs. ManThing, which only adds another layer of stress to all of the above activities. Which name to use? How do I change my name with the Architectural Licensing Powers That Be, so propective employers don't think I'm scamming off someone else's license number? How soon before I actually learn to sign my name correctly?

My stupid skin is acting up again. The hair? Don't want to talk about it. I was planning on getting my tongue re-pierced tomorrow, but with an interview coming up in a week, I don't want anything to augment my Slobbering Idiot Syndrome.

I have to make several phone calls that really shouldn’t be overheard by my current employers; and I’m supposed to be working, so it’s difficult to keep running outside to use the phone. Not to mention that my head isn’t really here at the moment, and if I have to hear either BossManJ or BossManF say “sex it up” one more time, I may hurl (they’re discussing a project, but still, ew).

Should you think this is only because I’m looking for a job, you should know I do this to myself quite often.


Buildit said...

Well didn't you know that all the women who get architecure licenses are supposed to be such IRON CLAD BITCHES that they make their manthing become Mr. Cadmonkey?
Get Xena on them


CAD Monkey said...

Iron Clad Bitch, yes. Wanting to keep my last name? Not so much. It's a stinker (sorry, Dad) that I've wanted to get rid of for years. The other day, I told someone my new name, and she wrote it down perfectly, the first time, without me having to spell it!! That is the first time that's happened to me!! :)