Monday, October 18, 2004

CAD Monkey, Queen Of RCP

The following is an attempt to redeem myself after the last lametastic entry. It is also an attempt to make reflected ceiling plans seem interesting through the power of medieval imagery; because, I assure you, they are anything but interesting.

All behold CAD Monkey, Queen Of RCP.

Mine is a mantle I hoped I’d never wear again; alas, it is my destiny. I am The Chosen One.

In my left hand, I wield a scepter engraved “SNAPBASE.” Upon my head rests a crown, covering my ears and feeding mystical chantings to my brain, to counteract the mind-numbingness of my task.

My subjects are the nameless masses that will someday bask beneath the ceilings of my design. It is for them that I leave the safety of my castle each morning, to navigate the gauntlet of walls, door headers, and furr-downs. I alone have the power to decide who will be bathed in soft incandescent, and who must suffer the heartbreak of fluorescent lighting.

With the aid of my trusty steed, and with Symmetry as my shield, I make passing strikes with 2x2 grids and gypsum board ceilings. I maintain a tenuous balance, keeping grids centered, and ceiling heights at 9’-0” AFF. Strapped to my side is my flask of magical elixir to maintain my strength and vigilance.

Okay, I tried. There really is no way to make RCPs glamorous. Really.

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